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ul. Polna 2, 12-220 Ruciane-Nida, tel. 87 423-11-28, sekretariat@zsl.org.pl
Feel The Forest project description

The aim of our project is to show the richness of Europe's cultural heritage and to emphasize its role in strengthening the sense of common identity and building the future. The project will help to learn about the cultural richness of four partner countries and discover their diversity and unique character. We want to develop knowledge about the value and necessity of nature protection leading to the change of consciousness of young people ."Feel the Forest" means using all the senses to learn about our environment and thereby shape our perception of the world.

In the "Feel the Forest" project we want to feel, get to know, explore the forest and use its products. Five secondary schools from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy and Poland will prepare a variety of activities to learn about local forests and the skills to use them positively. We will use all the senses for this. We will see different types of forests (pine forest, landscape park, mountain forest), hear wild animals (deer rut, wild animals park), smells (herbal and pine scented oils), taste of forest products (venison, forest fruits). Through numerous workshops and group classes, we will develop entrepreneurship and technical skills. We will study national and EU policies related to these issues, examine how decisions are made about them that will lead to better understanding of functioning at national and EU level, and look at how young people can influence the shaping of European cultural heritage.

In our activities, we will conduct observations of fauna and flora in the natural environment and gather materials and information using different senses and developing many skills. We intend to involve the curiosity and interest of our students by supporting various activities that include very different skills to make all students happy and motivated. Our project is also connected with the main objectives of our schools. It will contribute to the acquisition of key competences, to develop fundamental skills showing students the complexity and diversity of partner countries and at the same time strengthening the sense of belonging to the common European territory.

Zespół Szkół Leśnych w Rucianem-Nidzie
ul. Polna 2, 12-220 Ruciane-Nida